June 4th and 5th- Upcoming Hearings

Next week is our big week! We need a big showing of people for these public meetings!

June 4, 5:30pm, City Hall. City Council considers an extension to the Pike Place Market Historic District ordinance. Our inclusion in this district is set to expire on July 23, and the City has not completed their analysis of this matter. Effective comments should consider the Showbox's connection to the Market and urge the council to extend the date to complete their analysis. Personal stories are great if they speak to the issue. Can't be there in person? Email your comments to lisa.herbold@seattle.gov by June 3, 5pm.

June 5, 3:30pm, City Hall. Landmark Nomination hearing. Public comment follows the presentation. Join us after work if you can't make it at 3:30pm! We need a huge crowd for this!! Plan on having 1 minute each to speak. Craft your comments to fit the landmark criteria in order to be effective. We're focusing heavily on Criteria C: Cultural Significance to a community or city. Can't make it? Send in comments to sarah.sodt@seattle.gov by May 30. Visit this site for more info on landmark designation criteria.

Poster by Barbara Longo.

showbox poster - email.jpg