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Important dates to know:

July 17, City Hall, 3:30pm

Historic Landmark Designation hearing

We only get one shot! Let's make it count. Showbox landmark vote is this Wednesday, July 17. We're last on the agenda. Showbox presentation will likely start around 4:30 or 5pm. Public comment follows the presentation. Come early to sign up to speak. Comments are limited to 1 minute for individuals and should speak to the landmark criteria to be effective. (5th Ave doors are open if the 4th Ave doors are locked!)
Let's do this!

Public comment should focus on Landmark Criteria C: It is associated in a significant way with a significant aspect of the cultural, political, or economic heritage of the community, City, state or nation.

Read more about the Landmark process here.

City Council and the Mayor are OUR elected representatives. Each Seattle resident has 3 City Council reps, 1 district and 2 at-large. Please contact your representatives to voice your support for saving the Showbox by permanently extending the boundary of the Pike Place Market Historic District to include the Showbox. All district councilmembers are up for reelection in 2019. Community pressure can ensure that saving Seattle’s cultural spaces remains a relevant topic during their campaigns.

Visit our stakeholders page for a deeper understanding of the power relationships in this complex situation, as well as a breakdown of the historic landmark process.

Find your Seattle City Council representatives here.

Contact the Mayor here.

We suggest when contacting your representatives that you give a personal story of what the Showbox means to you and say that you think the Showbox should be both a historic landmark and included in the Pike Place Market Historic District.

Please sign our petition here.

Share the petition. Get your friends to sign it. It serves as an important record of community support for saving the Showbox. This petition is free to sign. may ask you for a donation afterwards. This money does not go to help save the Showbox- it’s for

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City council photo by Davinder Reddish. Portrait photo by Rozarii Lynch.

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