The Showbox is irreplaceable. It has lived-in energy. Hundreds of thousands of feet have danced on our spring-action, wood floor. Hundreds of thousands of voices have sung to the top of the ballroom ceiling. This page is dedicated to those who rose to their feet and raised their voices to protect a place they love.

Thank you! Our work is not yet finished…

Showbox Employees

The Showbox employs hundreds of artists, musicians, and working-class people. We are musicians, stagehands, house managers, production managers, audio and lighting engineers, ticket sellers, coat checkers, security, merch sellers, hosts, bartenders, barbacks, servers, cooks, plumbers, electricians, janitors, construction workers, veterans, teachers, tour managers, photographers, actors, writers, talent buyers, marketers, comedians, tattoo artists, stylists, and fierce music lovers! We love our jobs at the Showbox and the everlasting family and friendships we have made in this community.

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The Music Community

The Showbox has touched the lives of many people. Over 118,000 people have signed the online petition to save this beloved venue. Here are just a few of the artists, promoters, DJs, and live music fans who showed up to have their portraits taken for the Save the Showbox Portrait Project. Thanks to KEXP, KISW, and KNDD for their support.

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Community Partners

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Friends of the Market formed in 1964 to fight the demolition of the Pike Place Market. After seven years of creative and persistent advocacy, FOM succeeded in saving the Market for future generations to enjoy. FOM continues to keep a watchful eye on the Market and advocate for or against policies affecting the Market. We are thrilled to have their support and to form a coalition with them and other preservation and arts advocates under the banner of Friends of the Showbox.

historic seattle logo 2.png

Historic Seattle was established by city ordinance in 1974 as a public development authority. They save, restore, and reimagine the use of historic buildings. They were very early supporters of saving the Showbox and joined with Friends of Historic Belltown and Vanishing Seattle to submit a landmark nomination for the Showbox to the Historic Landmark Preservation board. We are so grateful for their support and the work they have done to save the Showbox. Please see their site for an overview of their involvement and links to many press articles about the Showbox.

rise up belltown.jpeg

Rise Up Belltown is an indefatigable supporter of saving the Showbox. Friends from the Belltown neighborhood just north of the Showbox, Rise Up Belltown advocates for affordable space in Belltown.

Development in Belltown has displaced much of the neighborhood’s creative and service community. Our struggles are tied, and we are grateful for all of Rise Up Belltown’s advice, assistance, and agitation.

August 2018: The temporary ordinance passes.

August 2018: The temporary ordinance passes.

Without the swift action by city councilmember Kshama Sawant to submit legislation and the tireless support of her staff, we would not be protected by the temporary ordinance today. She rejects the false narrative, as we do, that this is a choice between culture and affordable housing. We are grateful for her bold action.

Thank you to all city councilmembers who voted for the ordinance and to the mayor for signing it into law.

Special thanks to Lisa Herbold for her work in 2019 to negotiate a solution. We await owner Roger Forbes’s response.

Thank you to Jay Middleton for starting the online petition.

We must now press for permanent inclusion in the Pike Place Market Historic District.

Seattle Times ad placed by the music community and Historic Seattle

Seattle Times ad placed by the music community and Historic Seattle

Save the Showbox portraits by Misha Dumois, Rozarii Lynch, Diane Webb, and Tony Hammons. City council hearing photo by Davinder Reddish. Friends of the Showbox logo by Barbara Longo.

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